Living with ADHD can be hard. Whether you're the parent, partner of or person with it.

Let's stop the arguments and teach you how to truly listen to each other.

Let's make sure those broken promises are transformed into the trust and consistency you both deserve.

Let's turn your frequent battle of wills to cooperation so you both win.

My weekly Drama Free ADHD Mastermind brings parents, partners, and individuals living with ADHD together. We share experiences and learn from one another in a safe, confidential and judgment free environment.

It's all online.

Compassion is the understanding that you and your child alike experience suffering as you try to figure out this ever changing world. It recognizes that as imperfect beings designed to learn and grow, mistakes will be made. It makes peace with this imperfection and embraces the spirit of discovery that helps make all experiences useful for growth instead of suffering.

Through compassion, you help heal shame and build courage, responsibility, resourcefulness, and resilience. You raise a child who can take what the world gives and keep moving forward.

In the case of ADHD/ASD, you often see the mental, emotional or physical drama that springs from the suffering your child feels. The suffering is an indication of a skill gap. A gap that when approached with compassion and filled with new knowledge and ability, the suffering eases and is replaced with new knowledge and skill.

"Brian is Amazing! He's helped my 14 yr old daughter and me to proactively

handle stressful situations. He's also showing her how to be more 

responsible, have confidence and build lasting friendships. Things other professionals didn't know how to do for her. So grateful we hired him."

-Erin M.

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"Brian contains a wealth of knowledge and insight. During the course of one call - our first call of hopefully MANY - he opened my eyes to different ways I could look at and approach situations. These new approaches have already changed my mindset and family dynamics tremendously. Thank you, Brian!"​ - Kim Sutton

Together we'll explore my proven strategies for:

  • Making peace with your inner critic so you can be largely rid of him/her.

  • Raising a child with ADHD/ASD to be self-accepting, confident and resilient in the face of life's challenges.

In addition to our live coaching sessions, you'll receive:

  • Access to my growing knowledge base of videos that include topics such as, Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Parenting, Relationship Building, Productivity strategies and more

  • Membership in a private online community to continue asking questions and receiving support in between meetings

Why not just go to a therapist, there I can use my insurance and save money?

Money is an important consideration and so is value. I don't accept insurance and I don't always save you money. What I do is save you a lot of time. Let me show you how.

1) I don't spend a lot of time asking you about your feelings or the past. I focus on solutions and want you taking action to improve your life immediately. 

2)Everything is online so there's no leaving your house and sitting in traffic.

3) My clients can email me 7 days a week with their questions. No having to wait until the next session when you can be getting results NOW. 

4) I have an archive of nearly 300 instructional videos you can search for strategies you need NOW.

5) I invite you into an online community of parents you can relate to and ask questions of so you never feel alone in your journey.

6) I have a program for every budget

Not only do I give you what you pay for, I give you a lot more. It's up to you where you want to put your money, you can always make more. But you can't make more time, so spend it wisely.

STOP taking your kids to therapists!!!

Let me explain. Traditional services for the ADHD and Asperger's communities beleive their responsibility to you is to fix your child. That may be your desire as well. How does a child who doesn't feel like seeing himself as broken respond to this?

He'll resist going, talking and if he does he'll often flat out BULLSHIT the therapist.

If this is happening with your kiddo I have a suggestion. YOU learn how to coach your child toward success in a unique way.

You have more opportunities to influence your child than anyone else. So much of that time is otherwise wasted if you don't know how to spot and use those opportunities to create change.

That's why I teach parents like you how to be the coach, more importantly a compassionate coach. With this approach you can see results more quickly and the results last. Do you want this? GREAT! Please keep reading. . .

Schedule a call with me now to explore whether this group is a good fit for you.