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On a mission to destigmatize mental illness, especially for men, today's guest Jason MacKenzie began the http://MentalHealthWarriors.   Through his podcast and growing online community Jason has opened the door to a conversation about being a man, being yourself and loving yourself for the
When you have it in your mind that your life needs a purpose or a grand meaning you could end up overcomplicating things.? Viktor Frankl's book Man's Search for Meaning has had the greatest impact on me of any book I've ever read. If you haven't read it and want to l
Meet Larry Hagner, host of "The Good Dad Project Podcast" and Founder of "The Dad's Edge" Facebook Group. Watch as we explore the role of vulnerability in our personal growth and in relationships with other Dads.
I've had several conversations with aspiring coaches this week who each asked me a similar question, "Who out there would be interested in what I offer?" Let me introduce you to Dana Pharant. She's the guest on the most recent episode of my podcast (listen here). Dana is a former dominatrix
Listen to this wonderful conversation with fellow Parent Coach Alison Smith. We discussed the new frontier of parenting resulting from the digital age we're raising our children in. The most exciting part of this interview is the opportunities parents have to hit a homerun in their parenting to